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Create Government Petition Service

Innovative mechanism to ensure Quick communication between all government departments and Public Prosecutions department to enable them to report any violations or crimes may be located in any government entity in an electronic manner. Once the use of electronic petition, by the person authorized to use them, it will create petitions number and the public prosecution department begins to take legal action in the content of the petition, and the definition of the department number to ensure follow up the investigations, moment by moment, and after the conclusion of the investigation, it will be notify the reported results.

Step 1

Login as a registered user on, or use the service directly as unregistered user by clicking on "Start Service".

Step 2

Enter all the required fields and attach all the required documents that could support your application, such as the Emirates ID and other required documents.

Step 3

Pay the required fees online.

Step 4

Collect the requested documents electronically or by coming to the department in some cases.

Required Documents

  • Copy of the applicant Emirates ID Or
  • Copy of the applicant passport.