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Independent Complaints Reviewer

The Independent Complaints Reviewer (ICR) is an independent mechanism for filing complaints about a problem that occurred at Ras Al Khaimah Municipality’s Land & Properties Sector (LPS). Users may file a complaint with the ICR if they do not receive a final response to their original complaint (previously submitted through the e-complaint system) within 15 calendar days or if they deem the answer unsatisfactory. 
The ICR examines complaints informally and seeks to reach a fair resolution on complaints about the service provided by the Land and Properties sector. In particular, the ICR does not have judicial powers and cannot comment upon or change decisions made by the LPS


What are the complaints that the ICR can investigate?

If you believe that the LPS has failed to its standards of service or that it mistreated you, then you may escalate your concern to the ICR. Examples of service or unfairness related problems include:

  • Failure to follow proper procedures;
  • Discourtesy;
  • Discrimination or injustice;
  • Excessive delay;
  • Delay in answering the internal complaints;
  • Failure to apologize for mistakes or misunderstandings from the LPS officer.

The ICR will investigate your complaint and try to reach a satisfactory outcome.

Are there complaints that the ICR cannot investigate?

  The ICR cannot investigate your complaint if:

  • You have not received a final response from LPS or before the expiry of the 15 calendar days delay.
  • Your complaint is related to a RAK Municipality compensation decision.
  • You are an employee of the LPS or a job applicant to the LPS.
  • Your complaint is subject to court proceedings, is referred to the Court, or is subject to a court decision execution.
  • Your complaint has been investigated or is under investigation by the Crown Prince office or by the Court.
  • Your complaint is related to a problem that has occurred more than one month back.

How I can file a complaint with the ICR?

You may file a complaint with the ICR in two ways

If you have received a final answer from the LPS, you need to provide it along with the following information:

  • A clear and precise statement of the reasons for the complaint.
  • What do you require from the Land Sector to be completely satisfied?

What happens after I have filed my complaint?

The ICR will send you an acknowledgment of reception within three working days. Then the following steps are completed sequentially:

  • You will receive a summary of your complaint for approval. The summary includes all the issues you have raised unless there are any that the ICR is unable to investigate.
  • If the ICR cannot investigate or decides not to, you will receive an explanation.
  • Once the ICR is satisfied that it can proceed, it will access all necessary information from the LPS.
  • All available documents and correspondence as examined part of the review process to produce a report of findings.
  • The ICR will deal with the complaint as quickly as possible and send its draft report to the parties within one month
  • Two weeks will be given to both parties to comment on any factual inaccuracies in the report.
  • The ICR takes into account the received comments and sends its final report to both parties.
  • If the complaint reveals a service delivery inherent problem at the Land and Properties Sector, the ICR will provide recommendations for action to improve the procedures and guidance and reduce the likelihood of similar issues arising in the future.

Will the Land and Properties Sector take notice of the ICR recommendations?

The LPS will give serious consideration to the recommendations made by the ICR in its report. However, in exceptional circumstances, it may not be able to carry out the action requests recommended by the ICR, in which case it has to provide a motivated answer.

What if I remain dissatisfied after the ICR intervention?

Shall you remain dissatisfied with the outcome of the ICR investigation, you may reach out to The Crown Prince Office or file a complaint with RAK Courts.