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Service Enquiry

New Plot Request

Online submission and payment channels for New Plot Request Service.

The service provides the following:

  • Issue a new site plan with additional buildings added to land
  • Issuing site plan document for traditional housing for ownership

Service is also used in the following cases:

  • Lands with no site plan or title dead, issued with land report and high order approval
  • Old properties with title dead only, location is fixed as per lands department records and neighboring documents

Step 1

Login using Portal User Credentials

Step 2

Submit a service request for New Plot Request

Step 3

Complete the request payment fee using Online/Payment machine channel.

Step 4

Predefined Coordinator by RAK MUN review and validate the entered Data and attached Documents by the Applicant

  • Coordinator Approve Request:
  • Site Plan is Send to Applicant by Email
  • Coordinator Reject Request:
  • Email/SMS Notification for Applicant to add/modify missing documents
  • Applicant reattach the missing/wrong documents
  • Coordinator review and approve

Step 5

Applicant receive a copy of the Site Plan via email.

Service Fees

200 AED Surveyor Fees (depend to LU & AREA of plot )AED Site Plan Fees

Service Conditions

All data and documents provided are correct, in case otherwise, it could expose you to legal action.


  1. Registration
  • Individuals Registration is as the following:  
  • UAE PASS Registration, you must have a valid EID
  • Company Registration is as the following:  
  • Apply on Update Business Partner Information Service.
  • Attach Trade License Copy, Title Deed and Company Information Form. 
  • Representative Registration on behalf of Individual/Company is as the following:
  • Apply on Update Business Partner Information Service.
  • Attach ID, Representative Card and Authorization Letter.


  1. Submit the required documents to start the service
  2. Pay the request fees in order to proceed with the request



Processing Time

5 - 8 working days  from date of survey initiation

Required Documents

For New Plot & New Additions Request:

  • Owner ID
  • Building Permit
  • Completion Certificate
  • Site Plan
  • in case applicant is not owner
  •  will need additional documents:
  • Representative ID
  • Representative Card
  • Authorization Letter 

For Traditional Housing Request:

  • Owner ID
  • Ownership Letter (City Council or Ministry of Public Work
  • Building Permit and Completion Certificate if applicable 
  • in case applicant is not owner will need additional documents:
  • Representative ID
  • Representative Card
  • Authorization Letter 

For New Document Request (Tafweet):

  • Letter from lands department accompanied by written order to issue the document (grant or ownership)
  • Land Registry Report

For New Document for Owned Land:

  • Title Dead
  • Title Dead Inspection and Status Document from Lands Department

Additional Document for Lost/Stolen:

  • Lost/Stolen Undertaking Form
  • Court Report
  • Police Report

Valid Procuration document (in case request submitted by anyone except owner of land)