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Issuing No Objection certificate (NOC) for infrastructure works

The service allows the customer to request NOC for works related to infrastructure (Utilities lines networks, road projects, hydrological projects) in addition to requesting a permanent or temporary permit as (traffic diversions, Trial Pits, traffic signs, etc..) for all  project stages from the concept design to the completion of the project.

please refer to attached file showing the description of all subservices listed under the main ZT 42 main service.

Step 1

Sign Up using E-Service Portal Account.

Step 2

Submit a request by filling the online form, and attaching the required documents.

Step 3

The concerned section will review the request and the submitted information.

Step 4

If the submitted information is in accordance to the requirements, the case review will commence, else the case may be rejected due to insufficient data”

Step 5

Customer action may be requested for further information required, notification will be sent to customer by email and SMS .and the customer shall submit responses and attach requested information Within 15 working days, otherwise the case may be closed.

Step 6

If survey is required, a notification will be sent to the customer by email and SMS ,with the case number ,to pay the fees through the electronic payment machines located in the Customer Happiness Center or through the smart application

Step 7

Upon approval or rejection, an SMS or Email will be sent to the Customer

Step 8

Issue the approved Stamped drawing and auto generated NOC certificate

Step 9

The customer obtains the NOC and the approved drawings through the electronic portal, or through the customer happiness center.

Service Fees

Free service except for surveyor fees if requested. 

Service Conditions


Registration of a business partner account on the E-services portal will be through communication with Customer Happiness Centre.

2.Submit the required documents to start the service.

Processing Time

The processing time depends on the complexity of the project.

Required Documents

Required documents according to the type of case:

Refer to the attached submission guidelines showing the required documents according to the requested type of service and the NOC stage.


The validity period of the issued NOC is six months from the approval date , and it must be renewed two weeks before the expiry date.

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