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Service Enquiry

Request New Lease / Renew Lease / Terminate Lease

Online submission and payment channels for the following services:

  • New Lease
  • Renew Lease
  • Terminate Lease

Step 1

Sign up using UAE PASS

Step 2

Submit a service request for a New Lease / Renewal / Termination. Make a note of the Contract number provided for future reference

Step 3

Properties Section get in touch with the details of the assigned shop/land for your request

Step 4

A copy of the payment request will be sent to you via email

Step 5

Complete the payments on the lease using Online/Cash/Cheque/Payment machine channel. Send a copy of the receipt to Properties Section via email

Step 6

You will receive a copy of the Unified Lease Contract via email. Print and sign on the ‘Lessee’ section and email the signed copy to Properties Section

Service Fees

There is no submission fee for these services

Service Prerequisites

All data and documents provided are correct, in case otherwise, it could expose you to legal action.

Service Prerequisites


  1. Individual Registration

Become a representative on behalf of your establishment by:

  1. UAE Pass Registration
    • UAE Pass Registration using a valid EID
  2. Present a delegation letter from company that contains his name and EID / Passport Number and contact information 
  3. Present EID / Passport Copy 

Service conditions 

  1. Submit the required documents to start the service
  2. After Properties Section sends the payment request, reply with a copy of the payment receipt
  3. After receiving the Lease Contract copy, send a signed copy of the Lease Contract back to Properties Section

Call Center Working Days and Hours :
Sunday - Thursday from 8:30 AM till 17:30 PM.


Processing Time

5 - 7 working days

Required Documents

** New Lease

  • Signed application letter (available for download on service page)
  • Emirates ID / Trade License


** Renew Lease

  • Signed copy of expired Lease Contract


** Terminate Lease

  • Signed copy of Lease Contract