Services Guide Government RAK Municipality Outdoor Area Occupancy For Roads & Public Area

Service Enquiry

Outdoor Area Occupancy For Roads & Public Area

1. The service aim to obtain a Permit for outdoor area occupancy a part of footpaths and public area accordance to law No. (3) for the year 2018 and Technical, Healthy regulations.
2. For any inquiries or technical support, please dial free number: 800661.
 Sun-Thurs, 8:30 AM -5:30 PM
3. Output of the application in case of approval: Outdoor area occupancy for roads and public area permit and an approved the architect drawing shown all the dimensions, area and location of the area occupancy.

Step 1

Fill in submit application, attach required documents & dwg, pay initial fees and submit for approval.

Step 2

Schedule the on-site visit, prepare the technical report and the area, dimensions of the shop and required outdoor area.

Step 3

Technical Report by Planning engineer, Architect and H.O.S.

Step 4

After Approval, Pay Final Fees and Deposit.

Step 5

Receive the occupancy permit valid to one year.

Service Fees

1. Application Fees: 300 AED.

2. Occupancy Fees:

- In case occupancy area equal or Less than 25m2  = Area × 200AED.

- Occupancy area more than 25m2= (Approval outdoor area × Yearly Rent Value) × 10% Shop Area

- In all Cases, the minimum charge not less than 2000AED.

- Deposit 3000 AED.

Service Conditions

All data and documents provided are correct, in case otherwise, it could expose you to legal action.

Filling all required fields.
Attaching all required Documents.
Attaching drawing sheet shown Dimension and areas, movable furniture and location for required outdoor area occupancy, Considering all technical and health regulations.

Processing Time

Maximum 5 working days

Required Documents

1. Site plan + number of the plot.
2. Beneficiary Emirates ID + No objection Letter from the owner
3. Valid Trade License (from DED)
4. Valid Certified Tenancy Contract
5. Architect Drawing shown proposal for all the dimensions, area, movable furniture and location of the area occupancy.
6. Other documents will be mentioned per each request type