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Issue Title Deed For First Time

This service allows the applicant to obtain a title deed in each of the following cases:
A granted parcel (residential, commercial, investment, agricultural) after fulfilling the requirements for ownership, by issuing a completion certificate.
For unproved old property based on Pledge certificate.
For parcels that are granted through residential programs or public housing of all types.

Step 1

Sign up using portal account.

Step 2

Read the service conditions and make sure that you have the required documents.

Step 3

Submit the request.

Step 4

Pay the request fee.

Step 5

The concerned department will Review the request and take a decision

Step 6

After the final approval, the title deed document is issued and a notification is sent via e-mail to the owner of the property with the electronic copy of the document - the owner can receive the original title deed by attending the municipality headquarters (Customer Happiness Center)

Service Fees

Fee (Unit / AED)


Proof of grants ownership - according to the type of proof

3000 AED

Residential Grants - Built

4000 AED

Residential-commercial-built grants

5000 AED + 50 AED per unit

commercial Grants - Built

5000 AED

Industrial Grants - Built

5000 AED per unit

investment grants

4500 AED

Agricultural Grants - Cultivated

2000 AED

Residential grants - Empty

3500 AED

Agricultural Grants - Empty

4000 AED

Industrial grants - Empty

3000 AED

Commercial Residential grants - Empty

4000 AED

Commercial Grants - Empty

Proof of government housing ownership - by type of housing

500 AED

Proof of ownership of the loans program of Sheikh Zayed Housing

1000 AED

Proof of ownership of financial grants program Sheikh Zayed Housing

1000 AED

Proof of ownership of financial grants program, Sheikh Saud Housing

  500 AED

Proof of ownership of the loans program, Sheikh Saud Housing

1000 AED

Popular housing that are built at the expense of Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed

1000 AED

Public housing that are built at the expense of Sheikh Saqr bin Mohammed Al Qasimi

1000 AED

Public Housing Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure

1000 AED

Built public housing for Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan

3000 AED

Proof of ownership of old property - fixed fees






Service Conditions

All data and documents provided are correct, in case otherwise, it could expose you to legal action.

Service is available for the following conditions:

  •  Filling all required fields
  •  Attaching all required documents
  • Obtaining the approval of His Highness the Ruler.

For any inquiries or support please dial 800661 then press Option 3

Call Center working Hours:Monday -

Thursday from 8:30 AM till 17:30 PM & Friday from 8:30 AM till 13:00 PM

Processing Time

Ten working days

Required Documents

  1. A copy of site plan.
  2. A copy of IDs.
  3. A copy of Completion Certificate.
  4. A copy of Permit Certificate.
  5. A copy of Determination of Heirs.
  6. A copy of Ministerial Decision.
  7. A copy of Housing Program Certificate.
  8. A copy of City Council Letter. 
  9. A copy of Sh. Zayed Housing Program Letter.
  10. A copy of Ownership Request.

Attachments are added according to the type of ownership.