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Service Enquiry

Occupational health certificate Services

The service enables establishments related to public health to issue, renew or cancel occupational health certificates for workers registered under an establishment

Step 1

UAE PASS Registration, you must have a valid EID

Step 2

Submit Issue/Renew/Cancel Occupational health certificate request by filling the online form, and attaching the required documents

Step 3

Pay request fees

Step 4

After payment, a medical examination letter will be sent via e-mail to conduct the medical examination required to issue or renew the certificate

Step 5

Attach Medical test result

Step 6

The concerned department will Review the request and take a decision

Step 7

Upon approval, Occupational Health Certificate will be generated, sent to customer email where he can download the product certificate electronic copy

Service Fees

Issue/Renew/Cancel Occupational health certificate

  1. 100 AED for issue new / renew certificate
  2. Free of charge for cancelation

Service Prerequisites

Service Prerequisites

  1. Establishment Registration / Update Information

To use PHD automated services, customer must head to PHD Customer Happiness Center to register his Establishment and update his information for the 1st time, and provide the below documents:

  1. License copy
  2. Lease Contract / Title Deed

Download and fill the  Establishment update information form &

  1. provide to Customer Happiness team in PHD (Owner / manager / Representative contacts, EID number)
  2. Present a delegation letter from company that contains his name and EID and contact information

N.B. In case Manager / owner is not mentioned in license


  1. Individual Registration

Become a representative on behalf of your establishment by:

  1. UAE Pass Registration
  2. Present a delegation letter from company that contains his name and EID/ Passport Number and contact information
  3. Present EID / Passport Copy
  1. Registration of employee

requires following documents

•        Passport & Visa copy/ In case of new visa, employee passport is required with initial approved visa for registration.

•        Personal picture

•        EID copy

•        Creation of employee BP will happen by using MOI integration as trusted source to search and create employee individual Business Partner and link it with the establishment and case


Service Conditions

 All data and documents provided are correct, in case otherwise, it could expose you to legal action

Issue occupational health certificate service conditions
1. Registration of company employees first through the service (employee registration)
2. Submit the required documents to start the service
3. The Applicant can apply for more than one different transaction within the same submitted application. For example, the applicant can submit a renewal application, issue a new certificate and cancel for a different group of workers within the same application
4. Pay the application fee
5. The medical examination letter is valid for 30 working days from the date of issuance. The medical examination happen and the result attached again in the system during this period or the transaction will be cancelled after 5 days have passed.
6. The application fee is 100 dirhams per application for the issuance of the Occupational Health Certificate
7. The health certificate is valid for one year from the date of issue
8. A fine of 25 dirhams will be imposed for each month of delay in case the certificate expires and the certificate is not renewed or canceled
9. A valid residency for workers must be in place in order for the health card to be issued or renewed

Required Documents

** Issue/Renew/Cancel Occupational health certificate

1. Residency copy
2. passport copy
3. ID copy
4. Personal photo
5. Cancelation letter from MOHRE or the passport and immigration in case of submitting cancelation request