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Service Enquiry

Request for Public Housing Ownership Certificate

The service enables the owners of public housing or their representatives to request the City Council to issue Ownership Certificate for their housing.

Step 1

Sign up using UAE pass

Step 2

Submit request by filling the online form, and attaching the required documents.

Step 3

The concerned section will review the request and the submitted information.

Step 4

If the provided information complies with the requirements of the municipality department, the request shall be reviewed, otherwise, the request may be rejected due to insufficient data.

Step 5

Customer action may be requested for further information required, where the customer shall submit responses and attach required information Within 15 working days, otherwise the request may be closed.

Step 6

Upon approval or rejection, an SMS or Email will be sent to the Customer.

Service Fees

500 Dirham

Required Documents

  • • Public Housing Receipt Minutes
  • • Copy of Owner Emirates ID
  • • Copy of representative ID
  • • Copy of Power of attorney
  • • Site Plan