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Advertising Section

This section is aimed to the possibility of issuing advertising permits and regulate their operations and control their content and ensure compliance with the technical specifications, as the control over the advertisements in the emirate and inventory irregularities and make sure to remove them, in addition to the periodic updating of the law declarations and its executive and selection of the charter companies and follow-up contracts and its commitment to the contractual terms, The department also cares of limit the annual leased advertisement sites to make sure the tenants contractual commitment to the conditions, and check the entered data to avoid mistakes. And also organize periodic campaigns on the old shops and organizing its commercial signboards, and regulating commercial signboard on commercial buildings

Service Conditions

All data and documents provided are correct, in case otherwise, it could expose you to legal action.

Section Services

  • Advertising Company Registration Request
  • Advertising Contract Request
  • Flag Permit Request
  • Building Advertising Permit Request
  • Local Roads Advertising Permit Request
  • Directions Signboard Permit Request
  • Vehicle Sticker Advertisement Permit Request
  • Vehicle Animated Advertisement Permit Request
  • Advertising Material Approval Request
  • Signboard Permit Request for Commercial Shops
  • Project Signboard Request
  • Building Name Signboard Permit Request
  • Umbrella Advisement Permit Request
  • Fence Advertisement Permit Request
  • Advertising Building Signboard Request
  • Vehicle Agency Signboard Request
  • Chair Advertisement Permit Request
  • ATM Signboard Permit Request