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Service Enquiry

Add Food Safety Trainer / Modification

This service is provided for companies to approve the trainers who present the food safety courses to be conducted in the emirate.


Step 1

Sign up using UAE pass

Step 2

Submit request by filling the online form, and attaching the required documents

Step 3

Pay request fees

Step 4

The concerned department will review the request and take a decision

Step 5

Upon approval, trainer approval certificate will be issued and sent to the applicant’s email where he can download the approval certificate

Service Fees

1. 100 AED for food safety Trainer Approval
2. 100 AED for food safety Trainer Renewal
3. Free of charge for Modification  
4. Free of charge for Cancelation

Service Prerequisites

All data and documents provided are correct, in case otherwise, it could expose you to legal action.

1.Establishment Registration / Update Information

To use PHD automated services, customer must use Business partner update information online service to register his Establishment and update his information for the 1st time, and provide the below documents:

  1. License copy
  2. Lease Contract / Title Deed
  3. Download and fill the “Establishment update information form” for (Owner / manager / Representative contacts, EID number)
  4. Upload a delegation letter from company that contains his name and EID and contact information
  5. N.B. In case Manager / owner is not mentioned in license


2.Representative Registration

Become a representative on behalf of your establishment by:

  1. UAE Pass Registration
  2. Present a delegation letter from company that contains his name and EID/ Passport Number and contact information
  3. Present EID / Passport Copy

Service Conditions

Food safety Trainer Approval

  1. Food safety training company shall submit Add food safety trainer approval request to Training Affairs Technical Committee of Food Control Section for the review and approval prior to conduct any training course or activity in the Emirate of Ras al Khaimah
  2. Submit the required documents to start the service
  3. Pay for service
  4. RAK Municipality Training Committee may directly approve OR May request the trainer to present a course topic prior to trainer approval
  5. Modify trainer request will be free of charge.

Required Documents

a) Trainer Passport Copy
b) Trainer Residency
c) Emirates ID
d) Trainer Resume (C.V.)
e) Trainer Education Certificate(s)
f) Employee Contract will be required in case of external trainer