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Services Guide Government RAK Municipality Real Estate Regulatory Administration (RERA) Off Plan Sale Modification Service

Service Enquiry

Off Plan Sale Modification

Off plan sale modification : is a service that allow to modify the details of the certificate of Initial sale registration such as  property number, selling price and payment plan

Step 1

Sign up using portal account

Step 2

Developer will open the online request with attaching the submitted documents

Step 3

The real-estate specialist will review the request, and take the appropriate decision (approve, or send back for more information from the submitter/requester)

Step 4

Pay the request fees

Step 5

The HOS will approve the case

Step 6

The customer will receive the off plan sales modification certificate

Service Fees

3000  AED

Service Conditions

  1. Modification service will be exclusive for developer only to apply for it.
  2. Developer will be allowed to change from unite to another will only happen after submitting Building Permit Modification request which must then include RERA approval.
  3. Developer will be allowed to change in area measurement only after submitting Building Permit Modification request, which must then include RERA approval.
  4. For modifying the property number, the building permit must receive a modification request to apply the new area measurement in the system before applying for (Pre-sale modification).

Required Documents

​ All data and documents provided are correct, in case otherwise, it could expose you to legal action

  1. Proof of modifications
  1. Passport Copy
  2. ID’s for authorized signatories
  3. Sales and purchase agreement, only three pages need to be added:
    • Sales Property and Parties details
    • The escrow account page.
    • Signature of seller and buyer page.