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Tenancy Contract Registration

This service aims to facilitate the Tenancy contract registration process by availing it online for lessors, lessees and 3rd party applicants. It should enable customers to complete the entire registration process online without having to buy a Tenancy contract, or go to a typing center or even go to the Lease contract registration unit in Land department. 

Step 1

Sign up using portal account.

Step 2

Read the service conditions and make sure that you have the required documents.

Step 3

Fill in Contract Details, attach required documents and submit for approval

Step 4

Pay Fees.

Step 5

You will receive the Contract stamped and registered from the land sector to your email registered in the service.

Service Fees

25 AED (eService Submission Fees) + 5% of Lease Contract Amount

Service Conditions

All data and documents provided are correct, in case otherwise, it could expose you to legal action.

Service is available for the following conditions:

  • Title deed is available
  • Filling all required fields
  • Attaching all required documents

Tenancy Contract is printed, signed by all right parties, then attached

Service is not valid for the following cases:

  • Title deed not available 
  • Tenancy Contract Termination and Renewal Requests

For any inquiries or support please dial 800661 then press Option 3
Call Center working Hours:
Sunday - Thursday from 8:30 AM till 17:30 PM.

Processing Time

1 working day

Required Documents

Tenancy contract
Title Deed
EID for Lessee
EID for Lessor
3rd party documents