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Premium Tenancy Contract for Registered Lessors

1. This premium service is aimed at the Real Estate developer companies and Property Owners who want to add, manage and lease their units through the municipality online tenancy registration portal aimed at main developers
2. It enables the developers to register their company as a developer, and upload their units into the municipality system to be available for online lease
3. It assigns a user to become an admin on the company registered units, by this he's able to effectively manage and control all system users in a very fast and secure manner: 
A. Add / remove other users as agents on the system, to lease company units
B. Promote agent user to become an admin user  
C. Demote an admin user to become an agent user
4. Company Users accordingly are able to lease their units and generate online tenancy contracts (after review and approval of Land Sector) and official signatures of leasing company and lessee

Step 1

Prospect Admin Registers his Smart Pass account using EID and completes the registration by providing his fingerprints through one of the self-service kiosks found in the following locations

Step 2

Applicant downloads the “ Units Data Capturing” excel sheet and the “Administrator application form”, fills and sends them to designated mailbox along with all prerequisite documents.Please download the forms from “Downloadable Forms” section at the bottom of description page

Step 3

After validating the documents, admin User is created

Step 4

Municipality engineers validate the units and upload them to the system to be visible for the company users to lease

Step 5

Finally, admin user receives a confirmation email with the following user Guides attached:
A. eUser Management Module User Guide
B. Premium Online Tenancy Service User Guide
Please download the user guides from “Downloadable Forms” section at the bottom of description page

Step 6

Admin then logs into municipality system and starts adding and managing other users to lease the uploaded company

Service Conditions

Service is available for the following conditions:
1st Admin must be company owner or manager whose name is on the company trade license
Validity of Admin is 1 year, a new form has to be filled and submitted to municipality
The accountability of adding other admin users lies on the first admin user that was granted by the Municipality
Units belong to a real estate development company Only at this stage (other types of companies like brokers and individual owners will be able to use this service at a later stage, which will be announced)
Service is not valid for the following cases 
No Smart Pass account for users
Smart Pass Account is not verified (user did not scan his fingerprints)
Units will not be added if the Company does not own the units

Processing Time

1 working day to create the 1st admin account

Required Documents

Copy of the company trade license
Filled Administrator application form Details of the admin user (full name, EID, mobile number)
Copy of the admin emirates ID