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NOC for Digging of water well

Request “NOC for Digging of water well” is a service   Which enables applicants to obtain an “NOC” letter from EPDA electronically for Digging of water well.

Step 1

Select EPDA page link.

Step 2

Select “NOC for Digging of water well” request from services list.

Step 3

Enter all required data.

Step 4

You will get the mail confirmation after submitting the form.

Service Fees


Fees(Regular Submission) Fees(Fast Track Submission)
50 100


Required Documents

1. Emirates ID*
2. Land ownership*
3. Land use map*
4. Drilling Company License*
5. Environmental License (IF Any)
6. DED License (IF Required)

Terms and Conditions

To get your request done , you have to submit accurate and correct information along with valid attachments