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Independent Complaint Reviewer

It is an independent office that enables customers to escalate complaints related to the Land and Property Department in the Municipality, in the event that an unsatisfactory response to the submitted complaint is obtained or the response to it is delayed by more than 15 calendar days. Therefore, this escalation is based on the eComplaints system through this link.

Why you address your Complaints to ICR

If any Land Sector customer believe that there has been a failure in the office’s standards of service or that you have been treated unfairly and been caused unnecessary problems or concerns, he can ask the Independent Complaints Reviewer (ICR) to investigate his complaint. The ICR will look into the complaint in an objective and impartial way. Examples of poor service or unfairness can include:

  • Failure to follow proper procedures
  • Discourtesy
  • Discrimination or injustice
  • Excessive delay
  • Delay on answering the internal complaints
  • Failure to apologise for mistakes or misunderstandings from the officer.

Are there complaints the ICR can't investigate?

  • Complaints that have not received a final response from Ras Al Khaimah Municipality.
  • Complaints related to compensation Subject to a Municipality decision.
  • Complaints made by Land Sector’s employees concerning their employment or by applicants for employment about recruitment procedures.
  • Complaints that have become the subject of court proceedings, or have been referred to the Court or been a subject of a court decision execution.
  • Complaints which have been investigated or are under current investigation by Crown Prince office or by Court.
  • The ICR will not usually consider any complaint later than one month From the real time of the said complaint.

How I can send a complaint to the ICR?

You can get in touch by writing the complaint in this Portal (click here). The following information will be needed to help the ICR deal with your complaint more quickly:

  • Identify the division or the section within the land Sector involved into your complaint.
  • A copy of the final response you have received from the Land Sector.
  • The reason for your complaint as clearly and precisely as possible.
  • What you would like the Land Sector to do to resolve your complaint.

What will happen once I have made my complaint?

We will acknowledge your complaint within three working days.

  • We will prepare a summary of your complaint for your agreement. This will include all the issues you have raised unless there are any that the ICR is unable to investigate.
  • If the ICR cannot investigate or decides not to, we will explain why.
  • Once the ICR is satisfied that he can proceed, he will access all necessary information from Land Sector.
  • The ICR examines complaints informally. This means that he handles complaints in a different way from courts and tribunals, and do not hold hearings which people are required to attend. The ICR does not have judicial powers and cannot comment upon or change decisions made by Land Sector.
  • The ICR looks at all available documents and correspondence as part of his review and produce a report of findings.
  • The ICR will deal with the complaint as quickly as possible, and send the outcomes of his investigation with a maximum period of one month.
  • Two weeks’ time will be given to both parties to comment on the report.
  • A final report is then issued to both parties and gives his recommendations for action to improve the procedures and guidance and reduce the likelihood of similar problems arising in the future.

Will Land Sector take notice of the ICR's report?

The Land Sector will give serious consideration to the recommendations made by the ICR in his report on a complaint. Only in exceptional circumstances will Land Registry refuse to act upon these recommendations by giving a full explanation.

What should I do if I remain dissatisfied after the ICR has investigated my complaint?

Should a customer remain dissatisfied with how the ICR has investigated your complaint, he can ask other related bodies to look into his complaint or file his case towards the relevant authorities.