Visitors Visa Entrance permissions for investment and partnership
Entry Permit for Investors and Partners
  1. Obtaining initial approval
  2. Going to the inspection office for investors and partners to get approval on the request
  3. Go to the service counter and take a number
  4. The employee reviews the application, enters the data. After security clearance, the employee prints the entry permit and gives it to the sponsor

Conditions and Required Documents:

  1. A copy of the sponsor's passport (the local service agent or partner)
  2. A copy of the investor's passport and a photograph
  3. A copy of the Memorandum of Association attested by the Ministry of Economy for the partner and a service agent contract for the investor
  4. A copy of the trade license
  5. The investor undertakes that he will not request to bring his/her family until the conditions are met
  6. The partner or investor should be inside the UAE when establishing the partnership