Visitors Visa Entrance permissions for a 90 days mission
90 Days Mission Entry Permit
  1. Go the the customer service counter to make sure you have the correct documents (applications are received fron the sponsor, PRO or partner)
  2. Take approval and have the application typed
  3. Go back to the customer service counter and take a number
  4. G4. The counter employee reviews the application and enters the information. After security clearance, the permit is printed

The permit is valid for 90 days

Conditions and Required Documents:

  1. A copy of the sponored passport and a coloured photogrph
  2. A work permt from the Ministry of Labour + the Trade license

The permit is extended only once and for a similar period:

  1. Application for extension
  2. The original passport
  3. Medical test of the sponsored
  4. The original visa
  5. Work permit and permit from the Ministry of Labour (Renew)

The Entry Permit Department issues different types of permits. They are:

  1. Multiple entry permit
  2. Entry permit for medical treatment
  3. Entry permit for study
  4. Entry permit to attend an exhibition
  5. Entry permit to attend a conference
  6. Entry permit to attend a festival

The Department also extends the following entry permits:

  1. Certain nationalities
  2. Residents of the GCC countries
  3. People accompanying GCC residents
  4. Study
  5. Medical


  1. Applications are accepted from authorised personnel only
  2. A prior approval should be obtained before getting the application typed
  3. Workers from Inonesia and Sri Lanka should submit medical fitness certificates from their home countries done by authorised centers
  4. Maids from Bangladesh should be 25 years or older and employed from a recruitment agency
  5. Indian maids should be 30 years or older. The Indian embassy contract should be submitted