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Supervision and Inspection Section

This section is aimed to raising the construction quality of the buildings and materials that used in their construction and protect the environment from construction wastes and supervising the construction sites and determine the irregularities and punish the violator and sure to remove the offense, in addition to maintaining the cleanliness of construction sites and making sure a way to get rid of waste properly, and cares about requirements of security and safety and to ensure their application in construction sites awareness and to punish violators, control of suppliers and manufacturers of building materials as factories ready-mixed concrete, bricks, cement and ensure their conformity with the approved specifications, and control of operating in contracting and engineering consultancy facilities.

Service Conditions

All data and documents provided are correct, in case otherwise, it could expose you to legal action.

Section Services

  • Completion Certificate Request
  • Structural Inspection Request
  • Change Contractor Request
  • Change Supervision Consultant Request
  • Disputes Request
  • Temporary Connection Request for Services
  • Demolition Completion Certificate Request
  • Inspection as per External Party Request
  • NOC for Public Services Request
  • Night Shift Permission Request
  • Demolition by Municipality Request