Zakat Fund

The Zakat Fund is anAuthority specialising in Zakat, aiming to increase the awareness about Zakat and establish the concept of its effectiveness and the importance of its role in development at an individual and social level. It works to revive this duty in application and practice for the benefit of the various segments in need, in accordance with Shari’a principles, known as the "Zakat" channels.

The Zakat Fund also adopts as one of its top priorities, the achievement of a socially interdependent and interrelated humanitarian society, and it is active in the development of charitable work and service of the people in need in accordance with the principles of Shari’a. The fund has launched several initiatives, plans and programs to help and assist those in need.

The Zakat Fund provides several payment channels for the public to facilitate the payment of Zakat. Donors from the UAE and anywhere around the world can paytheir Zakat online, or through any of the fund’s accounts available in a number of Islamic banks or via mobile phone. To pay your Zakat online, click on the following link:

Pay Your Zakat Online

Zakat Fund
United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi
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Phone: +971 2 6542 4333
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