Services and Visas
  • Client Services

RAKEZ provides a variety of services designed in one-stop shop service centres where you can accomplish your tasks all in one place.


  • New Company Set-Up Services

RAKEZ provides all you need to start a business in the UAE. Its expert team and simplified set-up process make it easier and faster to get your licence.


  • Licensing & Renewals Services

RAKEZ’s reliable licensing team processes new licence applications, business licence renewal, business licence or share amendment, and more.


  • Government Services

RAKEZ serves as a focal point to various government-related entities, allowing you to process various governmental applications in one place.


  • Leasing Services

RAKEZ’s professional leasing team provides services related to facilities, such as expansions and downsizing, and leasing staff and labour accommodations.


  • Mazeed Services

RAKEZ MAZEED Services provides a multitude of value-added services, such as document attestation and legal translations, logistics, recruitment, and procurement.