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Lawyers services bundle

The aim of this services package RAK Courts is providing for the clients (subscribed with Courts Eservices) is to facilitate the procedures and reduce the time and the efforts. Through this services package you can do the below: 

1- Detailed inquiry about your client cases including case and parties’ information, case administration and court hearing sessions, documents, judgments, deposits, fees, announcements and more. 

2- Submit E-Petition requests on your client cases, pay the fees, follow up on the status of the request until a decision is taken. 

3- Register your client cases, pay the fees and the deposits, follow up on the status of the request until the case get registered on Courts system. 

4- Search and pay your client cases, expertise, auction, execution and inheritance security deposits alongside alimony and view all the information related to these deposits.

General Conditions

  • The official language approved to conduct transactions is Arabic and must be provided Court certified translation of any document submitted in a different language.
  • The fields marked with (*) is the mandatory minimum data required to complete the registration process.
  • The requests will be canceled if the lawyer leaves it without any transactions more than one week.
  • The lawyer can save the form and complete it later, using save button not save and submit button.
  • The lawyer can return back to the request after click save to edit it using request Id , and when he complete the form of request send the request to registration office using save and submit button.