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RAKDED Launches Awareness Campaign Protect Yourself by Adjusting Your Status August 07,2018

Ras Al Khaimah Department of Economic Development, in cooperation with the Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship, launched “Protect Yourself by Modifying your Status”, a new initiative encouraging expats to adjust their residency status.

The initiative, in line with RAKDED’s principle to achieve cooperation between strategic partners, implements the new Cabinet legislative package, that reviewed the current residency system to facilitate residency for job seekers and to allow illegal residents in the country to settle their residency status or leave the country and waiving all fines the might be entitled to pay. The new legislation would exempt violators from legal repercussions, without being blacklisted, which will enable them to return under a new visa.

The Department of Commercial Control and Protection visited 4,558 commercial establishments in Ras Al Khaimah to raise awareness over the new legislation and the importance of adjusting residency status if it is not in line with the prevailing laws in the country.

The department's specialists distributed awareness leaflets to shop owners and merchants in different languages, making it easier for them to understand the new legislation and its requirements. They also offered publications and presented posters in the Customer Happiness Center as well as various social media outlets.

Mr. Ahmed Ali Al Baloushi, Director of Commercial Control and Protection, affirmed that RAK DED is the first local department to support this initiative through distributing its publications in the local market.