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RAK Customs Officials review work progress December 08,2017

At the Ras Al Khaimah Customs Leaders Meeting

HE Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al Mehrezi, Director General, RAK Customs, chaired a meeting composed of the Department's officials and in the presence of the Customs’ Deputy General Manager, Departments Directors and Department and Custom Centre Managers.
Al Mehrezi stressed that the purpose of such periodic meetings is to enable communication between senior leaderships and department directors and officials to review work progress and develop it throughout different departments in a manner that contributes to providing quality services to its customers.
HE then pointed out that the Department focuses on continued human development and technical advancement in the customs field, ensuring capability of handling the growing needs in this sector. To this effect, he added, the Department is in the process of signing a contract to supply custom inspections with the proper equipment to overcome obstacles that intervene with accelerating the pace of work and clearing transactions.
The Director General stressed the necessity of raising awareness among custom officers, to help them keep up with the standards of excellence, by being up to date on customs’ latest advances and data. HE also asked of the officials that they provide objective evaluations of their employees and that everyone is given their right to achieve the desired excellence.
During the meeting, a number of topics related to customs and administrative work were reviewed. The Director General finally directed the officials to exert their efforts to overcome obstacles, find instant solutions, provide the centres’ with all their requirements and all that would contribute to maximizing the satisfaction of customers.