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Ras Al Khaimah Services Showcases its Project at Arab Forum on Housing October 05,2019

The Public Services Department, represented by the Waste Disposal & Sewerage Establishment, is showcasing its successful projects during its participation in the 3rd Arab Ministerial Forum on Housing and Urban Development 2019, which will be held in Dubai on October 7-8 with the participation and attendance of more than 20 Arab ministers and a number of officials from the housing sector in the region. The Public Services Department's Waste Disposal & Sewerage Establishment will present the waste disposal network construction project in Batin Al Samr complex, which is being carried out by the Sheikh Zayed Housing Program, the project for developing the main sewage treatment center in Al Falia area, rehabilitating the waste disposal networks in Old Ras Al Khaimah area where the main lines extend for 1.6 km, in addition to connecting houses and buildings to the network, renewing lines, activating lifting stations, and connecting houses in Al Mairid which equals 300 units, rehabilitating the inactive main network across the Emirate, and connecting houses to waste disposal lines to make the network more efficient.