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AED 2.66 billion of Ras Al Khaimah land transactions in the first half August 27,2018

The RAK Land and Land Sector publishes the first land price index by land type and most traded area.
The Ras Al Khaimah Municipal Property and Real Estate sector registered more than AED 2 billion and 664 million properties in the first half of 2018, a 33% increase over the first half of 2017.
The division recorded 2,632 diversified properties Real estate transactions, including purchases, sales and mortgages for vouchers and documents, of which 1412 AED 902.13 million and 844 mortgage transactions totaling AED 1 billion and AED 479 million, an increase of 106.4% over the first half-year. Past and 376 properties in the category (Other) worth more than AED 283.63 million.
General Manager of the RAK community, Munther Mohammed Bin Shukr Al Zaabi, said that the land and property sector in Ras Al Khaimah has achieved a leading position by publishing the first land price index by land type and the most traded area. The ease of doing business in connection with the registration of contracts for the sale of real estate, to help improve the competitive position of the emirate Ras Al Khaimah. He added, "The chamber is pleased to help attract foreign direct investment into the emirate, so much effort has been made to shorten the procedures for completing the registration service of the real estate contract from two to one two years ago endeavoring to publish comprehensive information on real estate transactions, laws and decisions that organize the market, in addition to the manual operations and services related to the land and real estate sector. "He noted that Al-Jazirah Al-Hamra in the first In the first half of 201
8, it was the largest real estate investor in the region with 587 sales of AED 508.31 million, accounting for 56.35% of total sales, AED 5.96% of total sales, followed by Dhayt with 51 sales of AED 35.72 million, followed by Saheb Al Ghob with 76 shares sold of AED 30.04 million, Khalifa City with 29 shares and 28.24 Millions of Dirhams, followed by Al-Hudaybah, the 41 promises of 21.84 million Dirhams and then the area of Seih al-Arab recorded Yabee with a total of 45 shares totaling ATS 20.69 million, followed by Rifa & # 39; a with 27 shares worth AED 18.47 million. Za & # 39; abi stated that the highest value in the Al-Jazirah Al-Hamra area was 19 million AEDs, while the highest free-field area in the Al-Hamraniya area was 272,000 square meters worth 5,6 million Dirham was expelled.
The department recorded 2,632 different real estate transactions, including purchases, sales and mortgage and voucher mortgages.
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