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The Sheikh Saqr Student Enrichment Program
The Program supports the academic and personal development of talented Emirati secondary school students and prepares them to undertake university studies in the UAE and overseas. The program is comprised of supplementary English language instruction, leadership and skill development workshops, and support during the university application process. Students may participate in the program based on the results of their end-of-year exams and teacher recommendations. The program includes students in Grades 10, 11 and 12.

RAK Award for Creativity and Educational Excellence 
This Award has been instituted by a governmental non-profit organization concerned with education in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah. This initiative seeks to sponsor talented students, graduates, administrative, educational and technical entities, institutions and individuals who have contributed to the field of education in order to achieve balanced growth between available human resources and the requirements of sustainable development. 
The Award encourages the development of and works towards motivating talented and creative individuals in order to strengthen the value of excellence and quality in work environments and to improve workforce efficiency to achieve society’s goals, through the effective partnership between the Award and community institutions.

RAK Academy for the Talented
It is a specialisedcentre that supports the educational community in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah in general and exceptionally talented students in particular, by gathering students from public and private schools in order to identify their capabilities and potential, and to provide them with adequate skill enhancement opportunities. The Academy offers talented students the opportunity to develop their abilities and skills. It also supports employees working with these students by providing ongoing training opportunities and expertise exchange collaborations with experts in the relevant field.

RAK Rehabilitation Centre for the Disabled
TheRas Al Khaimah Centre for the Disabled is a rehabilitation centre for people with disabilities. It was established in 1996, under the purview of the Ministry of Social Affairs, to address disability issues and offer a number of social, educational and rehabilitation services for people with disabilities. The centre provides its services for people with hearing, visual, physical and mental impairments, as well as autistic individuals from birth to 24 years old. Moreover, it offers its services to the patients registered with the centre and even to those who are not, through support services provided within the centre or at home.

The Centre’s services include: 
     ✓  Health Services
     ✓  Psychological and Social Services
      ✓ Multiple Disability Services
     ✓ Hearing Disability Services
     ✓ Intellectual Disability Services
     ✓ Autism
     ✓ Early Interference Services
     ✓ Vocational Rehabilitation Services
     ✓ Allied Medical Science Services
     ✓ Speech and Language Services

     ✓ Early detection of disabilities and preventing their occurrence.
     ✓ Evaluation and diagnosis of disability, determining their abilities and tailoring suitable plans and programs to develop their capabilities.
     ✓ Providing educational, rehabilitation and vocational services to people with disabilities, enabling them to be independent and self-reliant. 
     ✓ Achieving social and psychological adjustment for persons with disabilities and employing their capabilities to ensure their active involvement in the community.