The Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme

The Sheikh Zayed Housing Programmewas established in 1999 to provide suitable housing for UAE nationals and their families. This program aims to offer housing assistance services such as grants and loans, as well as to provide multiple options includingbuilding, purchasing, maintaining or expanding a house according to approved policies and standards.

How to apply for housing aid through the Sheikh ZayedProgramme

     ✓ At one of Emirates Post offices
     ✓ Via the Programme's website
     ✓ A temporary card is issued to the applicant until a permanent card is sent to him by mail. The card contains ID information and his Application Number to facilitate the follow-up process later on

For more information, contact the Programme branch in RAK:

Phone: +971 7 203 4555
Fax: +971 2 226 0009
PO Box: 35777 RAK, UAE

For more details please visit