Citizens Housing Building and Construction Issuance of a Permit to add a wall
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This service enables the applicant to apply for a Permit to add a wall after providing the required documents.

Process Description 
Once completed, all the documents must be submitted to the Customer Service Centre to be verified:
     ✓ Referred to the Licensing engineer to be approved
     ✓ Delivered to Customer Service to be printed and checked
     ✓ Sentto the Head of the Sector for final approval
     ✓ Referred to Customer Service to deliver the Permit to the applicant upon fee paymentin accordancewith the land space

Required Documents
     ✓ Plot documents (blueprint,ownership and map)
     ✓ Previous building permits
     ✓ Engineering examination report and site accreditation
     ✓ Professional license of the consultant
     ✓ Trade License of the contractor
     ✓ Building Contract and Supervision Contract

The fees are decided in accordance with the space and type ofconstruction

Responsible Department 
Customer Service Centre – RAK Municipality  
Ras Al Khaimah,AlNahda Street.
Phone: 97172466666
Working Hours: 7:30 am – 2:30 pm

Within 5 days