Citizens Housing Building and Construction Interlock Installation Permit
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This service enables the customer to apply for an Interlock Installation Permit after providing the required documents.

Process Description 
     ✓ The applicant submits the Application Form along with the required documentsto 
Customer Service
     ✓ The report is submitted to Customer Service
     ✓ The report is forwarded to the Site Engineer to considerthe request and reach a conclusion
     ✓ In the case of an approval of the application, Customer Servicewill print the permit
     ✓ Then it is forwarded to the Head of the Licensing Department for approval
     ✓ The applicant receives the permit from customer service upon fee payment

Required Documents
     ✓ Plot documents (blueprint,ownership and map)
     ✓ Proof that the location is not supplied with utilities from competent authorities (Emirates Telecommunications Corporation - Electricity and Water Authority)

AED 100 

Responsible Department 
Customer Service Centre – RAK Municipality  
Ras Al Khaimah,AlNahda Street.
Phone: 97172466666
Working Hours: 7:30 am – 2:30 pm

4 days maximum