Citizens Housing Building and Construction Complaints & Referrals to the Judicial Panel
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This service enables the applicant to submit a Requestto register a complaint through Customer Service.

Process Description 
The applicant shall submit a request to register a complaint through Customer Service and fill out a complaint form as follows: -
•    Identify the reason for complaint in a letter signed by the complainant
•    Make an appointment with an inspector to detect the location of the complaint
•    Forward the transaction to the Engineer in charge to consider the issue of the complaint and take the appropriate measures; the engineer will likely send for the defendant and check his documents
•    Prepare a report about the complaint to forward the same to thejudicial panel in the Municipal Council in case of reaching a satisfactory solution
•    The complaint will be forwarded to the Judicial Panel in the Municipal Council upon fee payment 
•    The Judicial Panel handsits decision to the engineers to act upon
•    In the case of a refusal comply, an official letter is forwarded to the Department of Public Works or the Police Department; and in some cases, the assistance of the Planning and Survey Department is sought, to check for any violations outside the plot borders

Required Documents
     ✓ The Complaint Form

AED 100 (Complaint referral to theJudging Panel)

Responsible Department 
Customer Service Centre – RAK Municipality  
Ras Al Khaimah,AlNahda Street.
Phone: 97172466666
Working Hours: 7:30 am – 2:30 pm