Death Certificate Procedures
Time to complete the service Definition of the service
15 minutes A certificate proving the death of someone and listing the names of the heirs and the share of each one in the inheritance.
Outputs Fees
A stamped document proving the death and the inheritance signed by the judge AED 200
Where to receive the document Requirements
Patrimony and Inheritance Dept.
  1. Death certificate stamped by the hospital 
  2. A copy of the applicant's (one of the heirs) ID
  3. Two witnesses with valid IDs
  4. A copy of the Family Book
  5. Presence of the applicant and the witnesses in front of the judge
Death certificate procedures

Service Required documents Fees
Death certificate issuance Death notification from the hospital + family book of the deceased + the receiver's ID 50 Dhs
Death outside the country The original death certificate issued by the other country and certified by the U.A.E embassy 50 Dhs
Home death A proof from the court along with the medical status of the deceased before death 50 Dhs
Replacement for a lost death certificate Family book 50 Dhs
Replica of death certificate Family book 10 Dhs

Age estimation

Required documents: the request of the age estimation from the concerned entity in addition to the passport, family book, and two personal photos

Fees: 50 Dhs