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Emirates Identity Authority

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Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA) is an independent federal authority established by virtue of the federal decree No. (2) of 2004. The decree has empowered the Authority with ultimate powers required for the execution of the Population Register and the ID card program.

EIDA was established on 15th Shaaban 1425 H, Corresponding 29th September 2004 in accordance with the constitution and the federal laws and decrees related to the competencies of ministries and the powers of ministers, naturalization, passports and entry and residence of expatriates, the organization of births and deaths, the organization of labor affairs and the amending laws thereof, in addition to decrees related to the General Authority of Information and civil service at the federal government.


According to the decree of incorporation, Emirates Identity Authority enjoys the titular character in addition to an independent budget, as it may for the purpose of achieving its targets carry out the following actions and deeds:

• The registration of personal data for the whole population in the country and saving the same at the electronic data bases in coordination with the competent authorities.

• Registration of the vital statistic data and connecting the same to the personal data as referred to herein above.

• Issuing ID cards consisting of the unified number, readable data and the data saved on the electronic chip as the same shall be transacted with before all authorities. • Upgrading all the data included under the provision of the previous paragraphs when the same is required.

• Provision of individuals' identity confirmation and identification services before all federal and local government authorities and any other authorities in addition to the determination of the applicable methodologies for the achievement of the same in accordance with the executive panel.

• The right to request the required data and information which may serve the targets of the authority from the competent authorities in the country.