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Create Marriage Continuity Attestation Request

This service allows the husband or wife to proof that their marital relationship still remain to date.

Step 1

Go to the official portal of RAK e-Government and fill in the service form.

Step 2

Application shall be checked by the officer in charge for initial approval.

Step 3

Payment of applicable fees (online or at the cashier counter).

Step 4

Signatures of the applicant and the witnesses before the officer in charge and collect the required document.

Required Documents

  1. Copy of husband identity card
  2. Copy of wife identity card
  3. Copy of marriage certificate, certificate of continuity of Marital Relationship, or equivalent document, such as family book for UAE nationals
  4. Copy of witnesses' identity cards
  5. In case the applicant wishes to mention the children, the applicant shall present copy of birth certificate(s) or copy of family book for UAE nationals. In this case the service shall be called "Continuity of Marital Relationship and kinship"


The applicant must be UAE national or resident in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah

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